5 Mar 2017

Dress boots from Carmina Shoemakers

I acquired this beautiful pair of austerity brogue dress boots from Carmina Shoemaker as part of an Made To Order group.
The boot is made on the sleek Alcudia last; single leather soles; and four pairs of speed hooks.

The boot is quite suitable for interchanging with the usual black Oxfords during the colder months; for office attire and for the formal daywear - stroller and morning suit.

Austerity brogue boots from Carmina Shoemaker

5 Feb 2017

Fooling around in the wardrobe on an idle Sunday

This Sunday I have been fooling around in my wardrobe pretending to pack for an imaginary trip to India.
See the pictures here: When in India

Pith helmet, navy Blazer and white linen trousers

8 Dec 2016

Brown Field Riding Boots

I have always admired the look of the dashing British officers and Gentlemen in Riding boots; from the bloody fields of Flanders to the vast fields of old Blighty.
I have been on the lookout for a pair of tall brown Field boots for years and only recently I found the exact right pair of boots at the lovely little specialist shop for hunting clothes and accessories: the Vintage Tack Room.

Brown Field Riding Boots; Heavy-weight cavalry-twill riding breeches; and a British Warm: dressed for Bike Polo

27 Nov 2016

The Inverness Cape

The perfect overcoat for kilt and breeches walking in the moisty meadows and windy round hills of Jutland is the Inverness cape.
Mine is fifty-some years old; made by Burberry in a lovely Harris Tweed.

Inverness cape, Ancient Bruce Tartan kilt, Vintage 1934 kilt jacket, shooting socks and brogue shoes

12 Nov 2016

The British Warm - in the countryside

The British Warm. .. perfect for the colder weather as Winter is soon upon us.The British Warm was introduced in 1914 by the Scottish company, Crombie, as a Greatcoat for British officers during WWI. Made in heavy Melton in a taupe colour; slightly shaped and cut in a lenght that still revealed part of the jodhpurs or breeches over the field boots.

Dressed for a walk in the village - British Warm and Tweeds

24 Oct 2016

The Covert Coat - an Autumn day in the Countryside

My wife and I went for a good sound walk on the grounds of the local Country House - Fussingø Slot -  this Sunday. It had been raining for days, but Sunday seemed to bid us a few dry hours; grey and cloudy, but for once dry weather. Temperatures of 8-10 degrees Celcius.
The muddy terrain called for boots and since the Country House also holds stables and horses the Equstrian look seemed appropriate.
An excellent opportunity to sport a Covert coat with riding breeches and a tweed hacking jacket.

A great view to the Country House - Fussingø slot

21 Oct 2016

The Covert Coat - in the City

The Covert Coat was originally a short topcoat worn for hunting and riding, but it also already in Edwardian times became part of the City Gent's wardrobe.
Signature features of this versatile jacket are four (sometimes five) lines of stitching at the cuffs and hem, notched lapels, flap pockets and a centre vent. The traditional colours are greenish-tan-brown-fawnish - some say to better conceal squirts of mud from hunting and riding others that the drivers wearing covert coats during a hunt were more visible for the guns.

My Covert Coat from Hackett London has all these features.
And a perfect match for a navy three-piece city suit.

Wearing the Covert Coat as a topcoat over my vintage 1967 bespoke by Gieves navy pinstripe three-piece suit