14 Jul 2013

Knitted vest for those cooler summer days

During today´s weather change it is nice to put on the vintage 50s knitted vest for pursuits in and out the house and garden. I have sturdier woolen vests for winter time, but this is knitted in thinner woolen yarns. Quite comfortable and more appropriate for a day of in the garden, than the waistcoat.
The trousers are part of a vintage 1973 bespoke 3 piece suit made by tailors Meyer & Mortimer of Savile Row. Braces are from Drakes, London. Shoes are the Edinburgh in mahogany from Cheaney & Sons. Green OTC socks from Mazarin and a green woolen tie.  

I am quite fond of the high waist trousers of the 1950s. The high waistline is in my eyes more flattering than the modern trouser's almost hip low waist.
1950s pattern for a knitted vest

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