29 Jul 2013

Navy polka dot bow tie

I am very fond of bow ties for my business attire. Bow ties can give a certain sense of authority to a suit. And they seem somehow more practical than long ties; during a day’s work I need to attend more to checking the appearance of my ties than of the bow ties, which stay in place.
Here I am wearing my navy polka dot (self tie, obviously) silk bow tie. Bought at Swagger & Swoon

Wearable in many different situations and with many different suits.
Here I wear a light grey Prince of Wales check wool suit off-the-peg from Austin Reed, London.
Shirt with double cuffs from Spanish Massimo Dutti, and Mother-of-pearl cuff links from Udeshi, London.  
In the library

Here worn with my Morning Stroller suit and a striped Stenströms shirt.

The honourable Sir Winston Churchill made a trademark of his navy “Churchill spotted” bow tie..

Sir Winston Churchill

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