11 Jul 2013

New OTC socks from Mes Chausettes Rouges

I recently received my first order of socks from French Mes Chausettes Rouges. What a treat to open the envelope and disclosing the exquisite over the calf socks from Mazarin and Bresciani in the red nosebag. All 4 pairs are in 100% cotton lisle. The quality is indisputable, but the weave is somewhat thinner than my other socks and thereby making the socks more transparent.

My usual supplier of cotton OTC socks is Grunwald. He is quite reluctant to disclose his sources, but apparently the socks are of Italian origin. The lovely green and burgundy colours are not available in cotton at Grunwald's, though, so I went adventurous and ordered the socks from Mes Chausettes. I prefer the slightly thicker weave of the usual Italian socks, but will definitely shop at Mes Chausettes Rouges again due to variety of colours. All the socks have the same firm weave and length that obviates the need for sock suspenders. 

The other day I saw that Exquisite Trimmings also included OTC socks in their assortment; from Italian Sozzi. It is pure virgin wool with a tad of nylon for extra durability. Definitely and alternative I will try out for the Fall. All of the mentioned socks are prized at the same level.

When in the subject of socks I would like to quote Michael Drake, founder of Drake's London:
"Socks are another give away. Never wear short socks with a suit. Navy socks always work with brown shoes but black socks do not with brown. Personally I am inclined to wear purple socks with almost anything, and like to think of it merely as a signature eccentricity." (http://www.drakes-london.com/the-details/the-philosophy-of-michael-drake/)

I wear OTC socks every day - cotton in three seasons and wool during winter time. I handwash my socks in cold water with a mild detergent.

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Burgundy socks from Mazarin, Cambridge Oxford shoes from Cheaney & Sons

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