6 Aug 2013

A business trip for two nights

For the short business trips by plane I only bring one piece of hand luggage; my trusted 1950s vintage suitcase.
These days I am in Oslo. 
I chose to wear my navy pinstripe woolen suit from Austin Reed, London. Arriving late by plane and then two full days at work put strains to the suit and the one pair of shoes. But this suit has proven it's worth on previous  trips. A good brush and a hang during the night does the trick. 
I forgot my shoe trees so I had to be creative:
I brought a pink and a blue shirt for the next couple of days and a white shirt for the one night in town.

Furthermore three polka dotted bow ties (the navy one suitable for the night in town) and my RL tie. 
Notice the matching OTC cotton socks.

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