24 Aug 2013

Galoshes of fortune

In 1838 Hans Christian Andersen wrote the fairy tale “The Galoshes of Fortune” in which a Fairy brings a pair of magic galoshes to the Earth;
“…I have been entrusted to bring a pair of galoshes to mankind. These galoshes have this peculiarity, that whoever puts them on will immediately find himself in whatever time, place, and condition of life that he prefers. His every wish in regard to time and place will instantly be granted, so for once a man can find perfect happiness here below."
I believe my galoshes to be of fortune, too, without the ability to transfer me in time and space. I find perfect happiness in wearing them assured that my beloved leather soles are well protected from pools of rain – and later salt and snow.

My galoshes are from Norwegian Swims – model classic in dark brown, size L. My shoe size is UK 8½ (EU 42,5). The rubber is sturdy and could be more flexible, but I guess it is a matter of too flexible rubber would result in squelching galoshes. The best fit is for my English Goodyear welted shoes – the slightly longer pointed toes at my Magnanni shoes are a bit squeezed.

The galoshes are not a pretty sight, but very practical in use. At some point I hope to find them in a design in thinner rubber with a less dominant sole.
Or maybe a couple of vintage 1930s galoshes?

Vintage 1930s galoshes at Ebay

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