11 Aug 2013

Project: a waistcoat for my vintage J. Waller grey striped suit

In the early spring I got this fabulous vintage bespoke suit at bookster UK ebay store for a mere 55£.
The suit is made of medium/heavy weight worsted wool; grey with brown stripes. The suit included two pairs of trousers – the one pair with cuffs, which I laid down to get the correct length. The other pair of trousers did not have cuffs and are too short legged for me.

Upon many thoughts I have decided to disassemble the extra pair of trousers. Fabric, seams and lining are in perfect condition, so I felt some ambiguity about doing so. But the purpose is to make up drawings/a pattern for a new pair of flannel trousers based on the various parts of cloth; see also Project: Flannel trousers 
After this I will use the spare fabric to sew a waistcoat for the suit by hand.
I enjoy immensely the wearing of waist coats for my suits during winter – and a waist coat in the same fabric is preferable.
I am making a pattern for the waist coat based on measurements from my vintage navy pin stripe waist coat. The current tasks are to disassemble the trousers completely and looking for the right coloured viscose fabric for the back of the waist coat which might turn out to be difficult to find.

I expect the process of making a waist coat by hand – including six buttonholes – will be a longevous one. But also a good learning experience. I will share the pictures…

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