18 Aug 2013

Weekend at seaside hotel in Glücksburg

This weekend my wife and I spent at the seaside hotel Strandhotel Glücksburg in Schleswig-Holstein to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary. This grand hotel was built in 1872.

I brought three suits for the weekend: a thornproof tweed suit for the journey and for day trips in the area, a worsted navy pinstripe suit for pursuits in and out the hotel and a dinner suit for the evenings.

Looking at the lovely view over Flensburg fjord in my thornproof tweed suit. Shirt from The Vintage Shirt Company (at Darcy Clothing) with a detachable 1920s sports collar    

Enjoying a moment of rest in a classic, roofed beach chair at the hotel front lawn. Vintage 1960s wool navy pinstripe suit. Selftipped tie from Antonio Muro. Dark brown oxford shoes from Magnanni.

On the way to a gourmet evening dinner at the hotel. Vintage 1950s 3 piece dinner suit from Brown Muff & Co. Shirt from The Vintage Shirt Company with stiffened front, black onyx studs and a detachable high wing collar. Patent leather oxford shoes from Magnanni.
We had a nice little room at the second floor. The decor of the hotel is in a very consistent bright scandinavian style.

Five pairs of shoes for the weekend was maybe overdoing it a bit...

Unpacking the suit case. Also brought a brown trilby and a black Homburg besides my flat cap

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