30 Sep 2013

1955 Meyer & Mortimer POW suit

Pictures from a photo shoot at a local bus stop shelter. It was immensely interesting to act as model and learn about various photo techniques.
I am wearing my 1955 Meyer & Mortimer flannel POW check suit. A shirt with detachable collar from Darcy Clothing, Mother of Pearl cuff links, shoes from Cheaneys. A wool felt Fedora and a cotton bow tie. Peccary gloves from Randers Handsker.
Photos by Juan de Dios Garza.

27 Sep 2013

Weekend in Amsterdam

Last weekend my family and I spent in Amsterdam staying at the Wiechmann Hotel in Prinsen Gracht in the old canal quartiers near the city centre. I brought two suits (a thorn proof tweed suit and a worsted suit).

And a set of not so Chappish running outfit for my attendance in the 10 mile Dam tot Dam run Sunday. It is my goal to  have a 1930s look for my first half-Marathon.

26 Sep 2013

King Christian X

Today 143 years ago King Christian X of Denmark was born - grandfather of our present Queen. The House of Glücksburg took place in the Royal Danish palaces 150 years ago - seven years before Christian was born. The House of Glücksburg was chosen to take the Danish throne as a compromise between the major European powers as they wanted an independent united Denmark incl. Schleswig and Holstein to remain. 
King Christian became the first really popular member of our new royal family when he acted as Head of the country and kept a stiff upper lip during the WW2 German occupation.

Here are a few pictures of a very tall and slim King Christian who prefers the high stiffened collars at any occasion and who in my opinion has had the buttons on his DB jackets placed a tad too narrow - neither does him any good due to his height and slimness.
1912, Coronation

Pictures from 1924-25

16 Sep 2013

Galoshes and Shooting Suit

Weekend at the in-laws in the country side. The galoshes are indispensable in the muddy terrain.
More on galoshes...

Vintage 1970 bespoke shooting suit by Welsh & Jefferies and John Walls (Eton) in a brown Prince of Wales check tweed with a sky blue overcheck.

7 Sep 2013

Peccary gloves from "Randers Handsker"

I bought a pair of lovely soft unlined peccary gloves from the local glove maker: "Randers Handsker". The craftmanship and finish is impeccable. This is my third pair of gloves from Randers Handsker - I also have a pair of driving gloves and a pair of lambskin gloves with knitted wool lining. And the quality is very high for all three pairs.
The company started in 1811 and "Randers Handsker" has since 1927 been run by the family "Vejrum". 
Randers in Jutland, Denmark (close to the village I live in) has had a tradition for glove making sine the 13th century. In the 17th century gloves were one of the most important export articles for all Denmark - and the gloves were made in Randers. 

The Pecari pigs are the source to the fine leather
Hans Christian Varnæs (played by actor Holger Juul Hansen) in the 1978´83 Danish TV series "Matador" is wearing a pair of Peccary gloves.
My gloves from "Randers Handsker"

3 Sep 2013

Weekend in Rome, Italy

I had to surrender to the heat in Rome this weekend. I had the best of intentions to keeping up apperances, but the temperature took me a bit by surprise. So I was caught on camera in several situations of undress.

Visiting the Saint Peter's square in the Vatican with my wife. Wearing cotton trousers from Austin Reed and a Stenströms shirt. Sun glasses from Italian Ermenegildo Zegna.

Boarding the aeroplane in Denmark 

In the first picture I am wearing my Cheaney's. Below is some pictures after a full day of walking the streets and square's of Rome. The shoes deserve a day's rest with shoe trees and a good nourising shoe cream. But still after so many hours of walking the shoes out match the vast majority of men's shoes walking in Rome; even though Italian men are known for their vanity and ability to dress well not many men I passed this weekend matched my Cheaneys...