26 Sep 2013

King Christian X

Today 143 years ago King Christian X of Denmark was born - grandfather of our present Queen. The House of Gl├╝cksburg took place in the Royal Danish palaces 150 years ago - seven years before Christian was born. The House of Gl├╝cksburg was chosen to take the Danish throne as a compromise between the major European powers as they wanted an independent united Denmark incl. Schleswig and Holstein to remain. 
King Christian became the first really popular member of our new royal family when he acted as Head of the country and kept a stiff upper lip during the WW2 German occupation.

Here are a few pictures of a very tall and slim King Christian who prefers the high stiffened collars at any occasion and who in my opinion has had the buttons on his DB jackets placed a tad too narrow - neither does him any good due to his height and slimness.
1912, Coronation

Pictures from 1924-25

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