3 Sep 2013

Weekend in Rome, Italy

I had to surrender to the heat in Rome this weekend. I had the best of intentions to keeping up apperances, but the temperature took me a bit by surprise. So I was caught on camera in several situations of undress.

Visiting the Saint Peter's square in the Vatican with my wife. Wearing cotton trousers from Austin Reed and a Stenströms shirt. Sun glasses from Italian Ermenegildo Zegna.

Boarding the aeroplane in Denmark 

In the first picture I am wearing my Cheaney's. Below is some pictures after a full day of walking the streets and square's of Rome. The shoes deserve a day's rest with shoe trees and a good nourising shoe cream. But still after so many hours of walking the shoes out match the vast majority of men's shoes walking in Rome; even though Italian men are known for their vanity and ability to dress well not many men I passed this weekend matched my Cheaneys...


  1. Dear Sir.

    Now do not forget that you visited Rome at the weekend. Furthermore, it was the last weekend in August. The Romans were still on vacation and was probably fled to the coast. Finally, I believe that you probably mainly visited places where most people were tourists?

    I am a regular traveller to Rome. Your shoes are beautiful, very beautiful, but usually when the Italians themselves populate the city, they may well match you.The shoes often have a lighter than the english shoes, yet elegant.

    And you walked around with no jacket! I can imagine with the heavy fabrics that you prefer ;-) I'm usually in Rome in June and I can assure you that the welldressed Roman is wearing the jacket on weekdays. No shirt sleeves!

    All the best


    1. Thank you for your comments, sir! You are absolutely right that I should pay more attention to the fact that I only ever spent a few days in Rome. I am looking forward to my next visit to Italy being better prepared with lighter fabrics more suitable for the fairer climate...