28 Oct 2013

Detachable collars for a certain sense of grandeur

Tonight I attended to my detachable collars to make sure they are ready for use. I love the look of detachable collars which gives the attire a certain sense of grandeur.
Tomorrow I will wear the double round collar with a striped shirt and my brown 1960s 3 piece suit to work.
I stock my detachable collars in a vintage Edwardian leather collar box. Lots of age and wear to the box, but beautiful in colours and shape.

Edwardian collar box
I have wing collars for formal use with evening dress, but also collars to wear with lounge suits.

From left: soft collar, high double "casual" collar, double round collar

From left: Edwardian wing collar, high stiff wing collar, butterfly stiff wing collar
All collars are purchased from Darcy Clothing in East Sussex, England. I have chosen to acquire washable collars to ease the maintenance.
The studs are kept in a small leather stud box, that fits brilliantly in the middle.
I found the stud box at Ebay.

Stud box with long and short collar studs, MOP and Black Onyx shirt studs and a MOP button for my white tie waistcoat. 

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