6 Oct 2013

Sunday with the family in my brown 1960s suit

Attending the birthday party of my younger brother's girlfriend in my brown 3 piece 1960s bespoke suit. 
The suit was quite a catch - tailormade in the early 60s but apparently never worn. I bought the suit from Victory vintageLondon. The only altering needed was shortening the sleeve cuffs by half an inch.
Also wearing a red carnation, a white double cuff shirt, an Antonio Muro self-tipped silk tie from Exquisite Trimmings, peccary gloves and a brown wool felt Fedora.

The composition is inspired by the character Hans Christian Varnæs in the Danish TV series "Matador". In the TV series this scene takes place in the late 1930s.

Actor Holger Juul Hansen in Matador

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