27 Nov 2013

A young man with style

During my recent visit to London I popped by the National Portrait Gallery in St Martin's Place off Trafalgar Square. I stumbled over this lovely 1895 portrait of Aubrey Beardsley; a young man with style (at least in this painting).

Aubrey Beardsley

This painting fascinated me with it's display of both a natural style and a tad of decadence. I was immediately "re-visiting Brideshead"... 
I do not know of many men that young displaying such style.

The accompanying text

Mr Beardsley is famous for his illustrations of Oscar Wilde's Salome.

A brilliant Japanese inspired style. Aubrey also influenced the development of the Art Noveau style. Much achieved in a short life.

Oscar Wilde in his study - Beardsley was not popular disclosing the work methods of Wilde. Love the bow tie.. 

It was my first visit to the gallery but it was a most enjoyable adventure. Portraits gives me a more intensive experience than paintings of landscapes, shapes and colours etc.
A recommendable and free experience...

The entrance of the National Portrait Gallery

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