16 Nov 2013

Jeeves and Wooster play in London

Last Saturday night during our stay in London my wife and I experienced the Jeeves and Wooster play at the Duke of York's Theatre in St. Martin's Lane.

The play at the Duke of York's Theatre
My expectations were very high prior to the show as I have enjoyed many fine hours in company with P.G. Wodehouse's many funny characters in books and in the nineteennineties ITV TV series. And we were taken by surprise; the setup was brilliantly intimate and creative. And immensely funny. We laughed most parts of two hours! Well played by the three men who played also the roles of e.g. Aunt Dahlia and the lovely miss Madeline Bassett! And very refreshing to see a Mr. Wooster taking the lead. I thought Stephen Mangan really made the play. Well done, I say!
If you have any experience with the world of Wodehouse and specifically Jeeves & Wooster I highly recommend that you get theatre tickets and go to London - the sooner the better!

Matthew Macfadyen as Jeeves and Stephen Mangan as Bertie Wooster
Here is a shortcut to the official trailer on Youtube. It is difficult to see in the trailer, but audience is really an intimate part of the show.

On the way to Totleigh Towers and the Bassetts
I was in my 1955 Dinner Suit, shirt with stiffened front, black barathea bow tie and patent leather shoes.

Photo from the archives
oh, by the way I must make a remark on Mr. Mangan's choise of stockings in the play: he wore socks that only covered half the calves on stage! impeccably wearing white tie and then NOT over-the-calf socks!

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