19 Nov 2013

Preparations and anticipation

A salesman I have encountered briefly a few times over the last couple of years asked me today prior to a meeting at the office whether it was a new suit I was wearing.
My answer was that it is not quite new as it's age is 81 years. I explained to him that I most often know who made the clothings I am wearing and when.

We had a small conversation on the subject of suits and at one point he suddenly exclaimed: "..but then you also need to know what you will be wearing tomorrow?!".

Yes I know what I will be wearing tomorrow :-) I also know what I wore yesterday and what I will be wearing the day after tomorrow; most likely attire for the coming weekend etc.

I have to think ahead, matching shoes with suits, considering days of rest for shoes and suits. I need to prepare for combinations of shirts and accesories, also bearing in mind what I wore last time, what the occasion is, what's the weather like etc.

And you can hear the salesman and colleagues laughing briefly as they displayed faraway looks.
But I quite enjoy the preparations and anticipation. The maintenance of shoes and suits. 

The attire of today: my 1932 bespoke suit from Eton, England. A double cuffed white shirt from The Vintage Shirt Company (Darcy Clothing) with a detachable double-round collar. A RL untipped tie in vintage silk. A wool pocket square from Reiss, London. Worn with a pair of mahogany brogues from Cheaney & sons.

The attire of tomorrow: my 1955 bespoke suit from Meyer & Mortimer, Sackville Street, London, a blue double cuffed shirt from Swedish Stenström's, a burgundy knitted silk tie from Italian Rubinacci (bought at Drake's London) and a wool pocket square from Reiss, London. Worn with a pair of dark leaf Oxfords from Cheaney & sons.
Pardon the female mannequin - belongs to my wife.

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