12 Dec 2013

The King Coat

I have been looking forward for quite a while to taking my lovely vintage 1950s blue double breasted "King coat" out of the closet. The shape is absolutely beautiful with a sharp defined waistline. And it fulfills it's purpose - the heavy cloth protects me from the cold and the wind. The lenght of the coat is very becoming I think - and seen too seldomly worn by Danish men; the most common overcoats are of hip or thigh lenght.
On the way to work. Wearing a navy chalk stripe suit under my DB overcoat, a vintage green/white dotted bow tie, a wine/green pocket square from RL. Dark brown unlined gloves from british Dents and dark brown Oxford shoes from Magnanni. A black Homburg would have topped the ensemble I would say. 

The Duke of York 1932, wearing a blue, double breasted overcoat from Crombie - the "King Coat"

Cary Grant wearing the DB overcoat. Looking impeccable as always.