23 Dec 2013

The shirt for Christmas Eve

I have purchased the perfect evening shirt for Christmas Eve: a vintage cotton Marcella front shirt. The shirt was acquired from Tickeryboo-Vintage who asserted the shirt to be of 1920s origin. 
I am looking forward to wearing this shirt with my 1951 dinner suit instead of my usual stiffened front dress shirt on Christmas Eve for a more informal look without giving up all standards.
I was given to understand that the soft fronted dress shirts went into general use at the same time as the Dinner jacket won terrain over the formal Evening tails in the post-WW1 years.
The shirt has long tails - 37" long
I am not an expert but even though the shirt is without doubt vintage the condition of the fabric, the cuffs, the buttonholes etc. are so perfect that the age is hard to comprehend.
The most important, though, (I mean more important than the actual age) is that the fit is perfect, the seems and buttonholes are excellently done and the Marcella front absolutely astonishing.
This is my first vintage shirt and I am not likely to buy more shirts vintage as I prefer the crispness of new shirts, but I went ahead for this opportunity of a really old dress shirt. I gathered that dress shirts in general might not be worn and torn to same extent as every day shirts. No regrets on this purchase, though,  as the shirt is absolutely perfect.

I only had to replace a broken button - everything else was just perfect.
Here matched with dress studs and wing collar
Even the cuffs show no signs of wear to the fold.

Embroided "52"

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