28 Jan 2014

A vintage Eton College Pop society waist coat

Recently I won a beautiful bespoke vintage 1920s (presumably) waist coat at an ebay auction. The waist coat origins from the Pop society at Eton College; the most prestigious club at Eton. Whereas the common school boys wear black waist coats members of the society are to wear any colourful waist coat they desire. The Popper's attire consist of a black (braided) tailcoat, a white shirt with a starched wing collar, a white bowtie and houndstooth check spongebag trousers. And an exquisite waist coat.

My waist coat was quite dirty, needed little repair and was missing two Mother Of Pearl detachable buttons. But it was mine for a wee sum of £6. I handwashed the garment, made a little repair, and added two new MOP buttons. And now I have a really lovely vest!
I do not intend to dress like a Popper in public - the pictures below are for display only - but the waist coat looks great with my chalk striped vintage navy suit. And will prove an excellent match for a couple of my summer suits. Topped of with spectator shoes and a Panama hat. Brilliant.

Dressed as a Popper. In my vintage 1930s Morning coat from Barker's, London. The bow tie is a selftie white Marcella cotton bowtie from Darcy Clothing. Usually worn with my evening tails.

The other day I came across a rather interesting newspaper article on the topic of the Eton pop society: A very exclusive club called pop. Written by a Bill Coles who attended Eton College from 1978 to 1982.

Vintage wool houndstooth check trousers and black Oxfords from Magnanni

Blue and cream stripes. White cotton lining and back. Detachable Mother Of Pearl buttons 
Handsewn button holes. Incredible state for age
Beautiful MOP buttons

HRH Prince William in his Pop Society attire


  1. Of course you got a morning coat. I would have expected nothing less :-D

  2. I will at some point make an account of my formal/semi formal suits: the Morning suit, the Morning stroller, the Dinner suit and finally the Evening tails.
    I will admit, though, that I have had too few occasions for wearing my Morning suit: weddings, an occasional christening party. In the future I hope to also be visiting the races at Ascot or Aintree etc. properly dressed in my Morning suit.

  3. My friend used to work at Eton in Canada. He used to tell me great experiences he had with the customers and with the fellow staffs. That made me realized how happy these people are who are associated with fashion industries in any way.

    Robert Green

    1. I guess you are right concerning where you can act in a passionate and creative environment