5 Jan 2014

A walk in the countryside - and Tricker's boots

My wife and I enjoyed a rather splendid walk in the countryside on New Year's day. The weather and the surroundings were lovely. When the sun broke through the clouds at one point we were compelled to taking a few photos.

Vintage bespoke shooting suit made in Eton, 1970. Vintage grey waist coat. Striped shirt with detachable double round collar. Bond flat cap from Pakeman, Catto & Carter.
The military style pocket watch strap and the pocket watch I will divulge more about in a future post...
Shooting socks and Tricker's boots. Socks are from Shootingsocks.co.uk
A couple of ducks enjoying a very warm winter
As I knew the terrain would offer muddy trails I decided to wear my newest acquisition in foot wear: a pair of beauteous boots in dark brown leather with rubber soles from Tricker's in Northampton, England. 
The boot is a full brogue wingtip in a combination of dark brown calf and grain leathers. It has a Dainite rubber sole. I acquired the boots from Herring Shoes in England - an online store where you can find many reasonably priced good quality shoes and boots. 
It is my first pair of Dainite soled boots and they seem a bit stiff at first but when used as intended in the countryside in muddy or slippery terrain they really come to their right.

Dainite British made rubber soles
Tricker's Steeple boots made in Northampton, England.
I have collected a few photos to show how boots and breeks can be used together

From the movie The shooting Party
Downton Abbey shooting party

Lord Grantham wearing boots and leather gaiters

Leather gaiters at Ebay.co.uk
from Orvis.com


  1. Well done!
    I have had my own doubts about the wearing of boots together with breeks, but you make it seem very natural, and I'm inspired to give it a try.


  2. I had the exact same doubts, but it seems quite natural once you are in the field. I just added a few photos to illustrate the use of boots and breeks. One might consider a pair of leather gaiters :-)

  3. Thank you for a really interesting and informative piece. So glad you like our socks too - we also supplied Lord Grantham's for the Shoot scene, so you are in good company. Lovely photos too.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Annie; great inside information on Lord Grantham's attire. You have a grand selection of socks at The Shooting Socks Company!