2 Jan 2014

Flannel trousers from Pakeman, Catto & Carter

A reader (Jimmy P) commented on the post on Odd jackets and flannel trousers asking about the quality and the useability of the charcoal flannels from Pakeman, Catto & Carter. Hence this post on the charcoal flannel trousers.
The trousers come in the traditional charcoal colour, the fabric is 14 oz (medium weight) and they come with an unfinished hem (38" inside leg). They have single pleats, buckle side adjusters and brace buttons.
The quality is quite good; the seems are well made, buttonholes etc. The price is £99 so of course they will not live up to standards with e.g. a pair of flannels from The Merchant Fox (priced at £325). My experience with items from Pakeman, Catto & Carter is good value for money compared to over-priced fashion brands. The flannel trousers are made in England which I as a European citizen much prefer.
I am quite satisfied with the weight and quality. I must recommend, though, to have the trousers cuffed in order to have enough weight for the proper falling. My cuffs are 2" (5cm) high.
The trousers are neither as heavy nor as warm as my vintage trousers, but I guess most men would consider these to be amply warm.

A neat looking pair of trousers - very versatile.

Regarding the topic if the rise of the trousers are sufficient to make them useable with braces I would say in general terms that they are suitable. The rise is approximately 9,8" (24 cm) and therefore somewhat lower than my vintage trousers, but equally cut with my British cut 110 wool chalkstriped suit trousers meant to be worn with a belt. Bare in mind that none of my trousers are cut to be worn on the hips like fashion sometimes dictates.
I can wear a vintage 1970s waist coat with the flannel trousers and only just hide the shirt tugged into the trousers. 
I much prefer the high rise of my vintage trousers, but to get this rise on new trousers you would need to order them bespoke; which is not within my budget at the moment.

Oxford captoes from Spanish Magnanni


  1. You wear sideadjusters AND braces, sir! You don't take any chances ;-) Not very common.

  2. Dear sir,
    it might appear so in the pictures, but you are right: it is not comfortable to use side adjusters AND braces. In general I do not use side adjusters - always braces or belts (belts only for my lightweight off-the-peg suits). Most of my vintage bespoke trousers actually are made with both side adjusters and brace buttons, but I guess that goes back to the gentleman originally commissioning the suit. With regards to this specific pair of trousers I might have gained a few ounces during the Christmas making the waistline appear being buckled up too tight by the side adjusters :-).
    Thank you for your persistence in reading this blog.

  3. Looks great :-)
    What is the trouser leg width, measured at the bottom?

    1. Thank's! The width is 21,5 cm (approx. 8,5")

  4. Hi Lasse,
    Just ordered two pairs of trousers from Pakeman, look very much forward to recieving them. Thanks for the review

    Cheers Jimmy

    1. Hi Jimmy, I am sure you will be pleased! A recent buy of Jort trousers from SuitSupply confirmed my comprehension of the quality of Pakeman's trousers...

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