15 Jan 2014

Pocket watch and military style leather watch strap

I quite enjoy wearing my antique pocket watch in the breast pocket - the subtle ticking next to my heart is very reassuring.
The pocket watch is an American Waltham Massey clockwork in a British made (hallmarked) silver casing from 1902.
The brown leather strap secures the watch and comes in handy when picking up the watch. The leather strap is bought at Ebay - it is new/contemporary and not of the best quality I'm afraid.
I have not yet found the perfect silver chain and fob for wearing the pocket watch with a waist coat - e.g. with my dinner suit. But one fine day I will, I am sure.

As usual I have added a few photos from Jeeves&Wooster where Bertie Wooster wears his pocket watch in a brown leather strap.

Is it tea time, yet?
The military style leather watch strap
Watch and leather strap

A beautiful golden clockwork

Mr. Wooster and his friend "Tuppy" Glossop



  1. Interesting. I've been contemplating getting one of these myself but have held off, being concerned about the quality. A real shame as the design is very attractive.

    1. I agree. I've looked in my places an never found the proper quality.