19 Jan 2014

Travel umbrella from Il Marchesato

Il Marchesato is a small Italian family business focusing on quality materials and craftmanship started in 1978. They made this beautiful dark brown travel umbrella of mine.
It is possible to disassemble the umbrella removing handle and peak - hence the predicate "travel".
I am very happy with this umbrella which can be used as an everyday umbrella, too - despite my first worries about the capacity of the joinings; it is a lot tension the torque of a canopy placed at the end of a 67 cm shaft in windy weather puts on the joinings.

Il Marchesato - made with love & passion
Horn peak and quality joinings
The umbrella has a steam bent Malacca handle, horn peak, and beech shaft. The ribs are of fibreglass and the cover/canopy is of the best quality polyester. The lenght is 93,5 cm assembled and 67 cm disassembled. Diameter of canopy is approx. 108 cm.
I purchased the umbrella from Grunwald True Style here in Denmark.

Disassembled the umbrella fits neatly in my suitcase

Fibreglass ribs
The true advantage of this travel umbrella has revealed itself travelling by aeroplane to the United Kingdom on several occasions. The airport security in the UK is somewhat stricter from what I experience in other European countries; they insist on all articles fitting into the small plastic trays at the airport security. And disassembling the umbrella in front of the security staff to make it fit really gives it up for appreciative remarks.

Airport security at it's best :-)
Me and my Il Marchesato in front of Kensington Palace, London

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