5 Feb 2014

Cambridge Blue

A few comments on my vintage 1932 Cambridge Fitzwilliam House Athletic Club jacket might be required.
Sportsmen or women at Cambridge University may be awarded with a Full Blue (or just a Blue) - as the sports jacket is called - for competing and winning in University sports at a national level. The prestigious prize is the highest honour bestowed to the sports men and women.
I think it is very nice to think of the great achievements in athletics that lead to the awarding of my Cambridge Blue. Even though I never excelled in any sports myself.
Note: I attended Aarhus University here in Denmark and never Cambridge University :-)

A 1920s party dressed for sports

 Inspired by the 1920s picture of sports attire I posed in my Cambridge Blue, a white shirt, a linen scarf, my cricket pullover and cream moleskin trousers - Jort from SuitSupply.

Spectator shoes from Cheaney & Sons.

Full Blue is awarded for sports like Cricket, Boxing and Athletics at Cambridge University. But for sports like Polo and Table Tennis a half blue is awarded. The half blue is cream with a sky blue braiding.

An Oxford half blue at ebay
Half blue jacket and bow tie

While P.G. Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster attended Magdalen College at Oxford University he won a full Blue in Rackets.

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