23 Mar 2014

Cheaney Wesley II

I admit that I get tempted when I stumble over a pair Cheaney's at a good price. I have found more purveyers of seconds and prototypes from Cheaney, Crockett & Jones etc. and if the flaws are almost invisible and price just ½ or two-thirds of normal price then I feel tempted.
The other day I bought my first pair of seconds: a really nice pair of Cheaney Wesley II at just half price compared to a regular pair of Cheaney's. And these shoes have double leather soles...

I have a suspicion that the shoes where either made years ago or made-to-order since the logo in the insole is not the imprinted logo I see in all the new models. And inspecting the shoes thoroughly I can find a few flaws in the hand-burnishing. 
But I do not mind; the craftmanship is good and the shoes of very good quality. I love the espresso colour which will grow beautiful with repeatedly polishing.  
Cheaney Wesley II

My shoe collection mainly consists of Cheaney & Sons and I am very satisfied with the looks, the finish and the overall quality...
But reading the appraisals of British Edward Green shoes, which presumably are the best ready-to-wear shoes made in Britain, one comes to think of how the Cheaney's look after 20 years of wearing compared to Edward Green's? I have never had that long a time horizon in my port folio management.

But I believe that the time has come skip future temptations and focus on saving for a pair of Edward Green's - and a trip to Jermyn Street, London to get familiar with the Edward Green lasts. Even though Edward Green shoes are priced double compared to Cheaney's

But for now I am very pleased with my new Cheaney's which I am sure will serve me well for many years ahead. 
Here are a few more pictures of the details:

Based on the somewhat elongated 11525 last

Double leather soles

Beautiful broguing

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