1 Mar 2014

Single Albert & fob

Recently my search for a proper silver watch chain to match my antique Waltham Massey pocket watch paid off; I have aquired a vintage single Albert watch chain with a fob. The t-bar, clasp and chain are all hallmarked for Chester 1922 whilst the fob is hallmarked for Birmingham 1910.

The pocket watch chain used with my vintage POW flannel suit
I wanted a single Albert chain in silver and it should not be chunky. A chunky chain would not match me. And I have always preferred the looks of a single over a double Albert chain.
I use the Albert for formal attire and city suits (when wearing a waist coat obviously), but for country suits, tweed and odd jackets I still use the leather watch strap.
I aquired an extra sterling silver t-bar and clasp and intend to make a proper quality leather strap from goat skin; I will keep you posted on that project.

I am considering having my family coat of arms engraved in the empty shield. (Crux Geminus d'argent au gules)

Below is a picture of "Jeeves" wearing a double Albert watch chain and fob. I always wondered what was attached to the other end of the double chain, but I learned that practical tools like a vesta (Victorian match box), a folding knife, the key to wind the clock, etc. could be suggested.

Matthew Macfadyen (Jeeves) and Stephen Mangan (Wooster) in Perfect Nonsense at the Duke of York's Theatre Photo by Uli Weber
A few pictures of the watch chain from the seller:

A beautiful piece 
T-bar hallmarked 1922
Clasp well functioning

Cheers! Bertam Wilberforce Wooster wearing a single Albert with a fob. 


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