15 Mar 2014

The Homburg

Going to Town this morning I wore my 1950s "King Coat" and my black Homburg hat. The Homburg is a good choice for business suits and town - quite sleek and versatile.
My Homburg is vintage, German made presumably of the 1960s.

Ready for Town. Charcoal 3-piece suit; black oxford, captoe shoes; peccary gloves, King Coat and Homburg.

Homburg & King Coat
A beautiful vintage German made Homburg

The Homburg (derived from Bad Homburg in Germany) was first popularised by King Edward VII, but in the 1930s Sir Anthony Eden - praised for his good style - again started a hype around a sleeker version of the black felt Homburg - which became widely known as an "Anthony Eden" hat.

Three great examples of stylish men wearing the Homburg:

Sir Anthony Eden 

Sir Winston Churchill wearing a grey Homburg

French Haute Couture maker Jean Patou

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