29 Apr 2014

Dahlia versus Cornflower

My preferred transport facility for getting out & about in the village where I live is my wife's old black bicycle. 
In the lovely spring weather I could not resist to have my picture taken on bicycle in the park; ever since I first saw the picture (below) of HRH Prince Charles mounted I had that thought.
I admire immensely the satorial knowledge of Prince Charles and have a great respect for his work at the The Prince of Wales's Charitable Foundation.
This electronical tête-a-tête shows my charcoal 1963 Hammond & Boyle bespoke DB suit adorned with a Dahlia flower boutonnière versus his light grey bespoke (by Anderson & Sheppard?) DB suit garnished with a beautiful cornflower boutonnière.

Bicycling through the nearby park

HRH Prince Charles on bicycle. Cornflower boutonnière

Dotted navy silk bow tie, wool pocket square from Drakes London, Dahlia boutonnière  

26 Apr 2014

My 1963 Hammond & Boyle three-piece suit

It's been a while since I won this lovely vintage bespoke suit at a very good price at Ebay. But now I had the chance to share the suit with you. It is a beautiful DB business suit in charcoal with subtle stripes. Made by Hammond & Boyle bespoke tailors of 22, Quebec street, London. It was made in the month and year of the assassination of J.F. Kennedy; commisioned by a gentleman of Scottish ancestry.
I love the high waist of the trousers which almost reaches the hight of a fish tail at the back; very comfortable.
I feel just adequately tall and slim to bear the high cut DB; helps that the legs are cut slim.
The only alterations that had to be done for a perfect fit was shortening the sleeves.

DB Charcoul suit and Bow tie from Le Noeud Papillon

Double cuff shirt from Stenström's

Braces from Drakes London

A beautiful suit at a very good price. Bought at Hogspear

I discovered this little newspaper notice in my research on Hammond & Boyle. Interesting to learn that mr. Hammond bought the company and kept the name in 1906. About 70 years later the tailors finally closed the business.

Alfred Hammond buying out Boyle in 1906 keeping the Company name intact

22 Apr 2014

Vintage Polo helmet

My interests in vintage gentlemanly attire brings me to different parts of the former British Empire. This time to Pakistan around the time of the independence from India and the British Empire in 1947.
A vintage Polo helmet belonging to a British Indian Army officer is not among the most needed additions to my wardrobe, but I could not help buying this lovely piece.

Suits the Union Jack beautifully
Made by S.H. Mohd Shah & Co, The Mall Rawalpindi, Pakistan 

I will not consider taking up on Polo, but I would definitely consider Bike Polo, which is quite spread world wide including Denmark. Bike Polo started back in Ireland in 1891 and had it's golden years in the 1930s, but it seems like Bike Polo is having a new revival in the recent years.

Regimental Polo Team. Winners, Gibraltar Garrison Polo Cup, 1927-28
His Royal Highness, Prince Philip playing Bike Polo
The Mall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, 1914. Here the Gentleman Outfitters S.H. Mohd Shah & Co was placed.

6 Apr 2014

Cricket sweater for domestic pursuits

It is not often I wear my cricket sweaters in weekends, but today (Sunday) I plan to stay at home - maybe having a quick stroll in the neighbourhood. The weather outside is cold, gray and wet.

Sometimes people ask me if I ever dress down at home and my answer is that I try to dress appropriately according to situation and weather - tweeds for the country side, business suits for work, sports attire for sports etc.
I do not play cricket, but I have a couple of cricket sweaters anyway; and a day like today I feel that the sweater, grey flannels and a cravat are appropriate for my domestic pursuits

Going out today I would take my Duffle Coat, Peccary gloves and Derby Brogues to match this attire...

Cricket sweater for domestic pursuits

Cary Grant wearing the Cricket sweater..