6 Apr 2014

Cricket sweater for domestic pursuits

It is not often I wear my cricket sweaters in weekends, but today (Sunday) I plan to stay at home - maybe having a quick stroll in the neighbourhood. The weather outside is cold, gray and wet.

Sometimes people ask me if I ever dress down at home and my answer is that I try to dress appropriately according to situation and weather - tweeds for the country side, business suits for work, sports attire for sports etc.
I do not play cricket, but I have a couple of cricket sweaters anyway; and a day like today I feel that the sweater, grey flannels and a cravat are appropriate for my domestic pursuits

Going out today I would take my Duffle Coat, Peccary gloves and Derby Brogues to match this attire...

Cricket sweater for domestic pursuits

Cary Grant wearing the Cricket sweater..

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