22 Apr 2014

Vintage Polo helmet

My interests in vintage gentlemanly attire brings me to different parts of the former British Empire. This time to Pakistan around the time of the independence from India and the British Empire in 1947.
A vintage Polo helmet belonging to a British Indian Army officer is not among the most needed additions to my wardrobe, but I could not help buying this lovely piece.

Suits the Union Jack beautifully
Made by S.H. Mohd Shah & Co, The Mall Rawalpindi, Pakistan 

I will not consider taking up on Polo, but I would definitely consider Bike Polo, which is quite spread world wide including Denmark. Bike Polo started back in Ireland in 1891 and had it's golden years in the 1930s, but it seems like Bike Polo is having a new revival in the recent years.

Regimental Polo Team. Winners, Gibraltar Garrison Polo Cup, 1927-28
His Royal Highness, Prince Philip playing Bike Polo
The Mall, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, 1914. Here the Gentleman Outfitters S.H. Mohd Shah & Co was placed.

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