17 May 2014

A white flat cap for Summer sports

The warm weather returned this weekend and calls for lighter coloured attire and garden sports; like Croquet. Today I wore cream moleskin trousers and cricket pullover; a white collarless shirt from Darcy Clothing - worn without a detachable collar; a white lawn cotton scarf; beige OTC cotton socks from Mes Chausettes Rouges and tan Oxford Brogues. And of course my new white flat cap.
Just today I finished my little needlework project: a white flat cap for Summer sports. Entirely made by hand; cut from a selfmade pattern.
I had been searching for such headwear to fit in where the straw Boater or the Panama would not be suitable - e.g. in windy weather or in physical activities where running is implied. I considered the 'Baker Boy' cap but prefer the look of the 'Bond' flat cap.
So I made one...

The flat cap (Bond style) is made from a natural off white wool fabric with soft linen lining.

Surveilling the Croquet field

Soft linen lining

Robert Redford in "The Great Gatsby" wearing a white "Baker Boy" cap


  1. Simply splendid, old thing! I spotted an immaculately dressed elderly gentleman last week wearing a white cap. It looked superb with his blue blazer, cream trousers and brown shoes.

    1. Thank you, old chum! I feel that light coloured headwear can seem somewhat dubious so I am glad for some first hand advice on how the cap can be taken into succesful use; I will try the ensemble descripte. Pip pip...