27 May 2014

Cotton/Linen DB jacket from Suitsupply

My cotton/linen DB jacket was taken into use for the first time this summer. The lightweight fabrics of my contemporary suits and jackets seems a bit flimsy in the beginning of the season; still being used to the stouter vintage fabrics. I have but a few vintage summer suits and jackets, but they need some alterations before being taken into use.

But today at work I wore my lovely cotton/linen jacket from Dutch SuitSupply; Made from a very nice fabric by Italian Subalpino. I am very pleased with this jacket; the quality and fit are quite good. And I love the unconstructed shoulders and the wide peaked lapels.
Matched with tan cotton trousers (somewhat creased after a day at the office and in the car), a blue subtle checked shirt from Stenströms, my coffee Tussah silk tie from Drakes London, and wine OTC socks from Mes Chausettes Rouges.

After office hours going for a quick stroll in the village I topped the attire off with my Panama hat (from Equadorian Pachacuti - a FairTrade company).


  1. Splendid jacket, and colour coordination.
    There is but one thing. The jacket seem to be falling on the slight short side. But not overly so.

    1. You are quite right regarding the lenght of the jacket. Many contemporary off the peg suit jackets are a tad on the short side. This jacket might even have been complemented by two extra inches.