2 May 2014

Drakes London Tussah silk tie

A period of warm weather here in Denmark plus the fact that we passed Labour Day have made me starting to change wardrobes; the heavier tweeds and flannels are being aired, brushed and stowed away in linen bags for the summer. But my versatile 1973 Meyer & Mortimer thornproof tweed suit is suitable also for the cooler Summer days (in Denmark).
Friday I skipped the waistcoat and added my newest tie: a lovely textured Tussah silk tie from Drakes London. The crude silk in a loose weave is very suitable for Summer. And the tie has a lovely golden coffee hue. 
This ensemble matched with tan longwing Oxford brogues is very suitable for a sunny Spring day; topped of with a Panama hat also suitable for a stroll in the lovely June weather...

Ready for work after a quick breakfast

Handrolled at Drakes London

A beautiful texture to the weave

The caterpillars producing the wild silk used for Tussah silk - while living in high trees - one day transforms to moths. Kind of ironical if the moths producing these lovely textured silks ends up eating parts of your wardrobe...

The Tussah moth

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