12 May 2014

My vintage 1935 Morning Stroller suit

The Morning Stroller suit is a beautiful alternative to the lounge suit; a most treasured break. A Morning Stroller suit consists of a black lounge jacket (single or double breasted), striped or houndstooth trousers and a waistcoat; so we have some of the same room for mixing and matching as in the Morning Suit, but less formal with the short jacket.
My suit is a vintage 1935 making by bespoke tailors Twhaites & Penn of Newgate Street, London.

Stand at attention in the library

The jacket (SB with peaked lapels) and waistcoat are in black herringbone weave wool. The trousers striped and without cuffs. All in all pretty formal. I have matched it with my blue striped Stenström's shirt with white collar and cuffs. And of course the navy "Churchill" dotted bow tie. 
A suit used by ministers, polititians etc. since the German Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann first appeared in a SB black lounge jacket with his Morning Suit trousers in 1925. Including of course Sir Winston Churchill.

A firm look out the window

I wear my Morning Stroller for work sometimes; as an alternative to the business suits. Slightly more formal some would say, but in my mind fully appropriate e.g. for business meetings with my company's German supplier of software. A suit with a history is an excellent ice breaker.
I would also wear the Morning Stroller on occasions like a walk in the park in weekends or at funerals. For day weddings and christenings I prefer the Morning coat with it's becoming tails.

Lovely stripes

Peaked collar. Beautiful herringbone weave.

Gustav Stresemann (sitting at the bench to the right) in a black SB jacket, black waistcoat and striped trousers. The high wing collar and black (long) tie are a tad too formal for my work - I would save such neckwear for a funeral.

The impeccable Jeeves in his Morning Suit. SB jacket, peaked collar, black waist coat and striped trousers; Bowler and black tie - very appropriate for a Gentleman's Gentleman.

On the way out - grabbing the Homburg and the Chamois gloves
Placing the Homburg properly

Just like the proper hat for a Morning Stroller suit is the Homburg so are the Chamois gloves a perfect choice for this suit. My gloves are a lovely vintage pair made in England by Fownes Gloves Ltd.

My vintage British made Chamois gloves with real MOP buttons and a decorative navy stiching.

Stroller consisting of DB jacket and checked trousers, but Homburg and Chamois gloves

To the upper right: Morning Stroller with a bow tie and blue striped shirt.


  1. Immaculate as always!

    1. Thank you, Sir! Most thoughtful of you to be appreciative of the initiative. I am pleased that most people I meet do not think of my attire as sheer ostentation, but as part of my person. I feel very comfortable in my Morning Stroller suit.

    2. There can indeed be a fine line between being in costume, or being exquisitely attired. Especially when some of the items are of a more eccentric nature.
      You succeed very well, by selecting items that work together in a tasteful manner, thus avoiding the costume aspect. The same outfit with a morning coat would probably be pushing it, at least for everyday use.
      My only problem with this, is that my ever expanding shopping list would suggest that I should stop following your blog.

    3. Ha ha, I know exactly how it is to have an ever growing wish list. Thank you for your kind appreciative words!