8 Jun 2014

A sage green Summer jacket and waist coat

Sage green might be an unconventional hue for a suit or a jacket, but this vintage set of jacket and waist coat I obtained from America quite does the trick for a sunny Summer day. The sage green looks good in the sun and matches also the cricket white trousers perfectly. In these pictures the jacket and waist coat is matched with my vintage 1951 grey, high waisted trousers, though.

The sage green jacket is complemented with a light pink shirt from Stenström's; the coffee Tussah silk tie from Drakes; and a white cotton pocket square 

The jacket is fully unconstructed; no lining at all and nothing extra in the shoulders and as such very light and suitable for warmer weather.  The jacket is pleated and belted at the back. Lapels are quite wide.
The back is pleated and belted
In the warm afternoon sun it does good to get rid of the waist coat and use the jacket as a cape; Italian style. 
 The jacket and waist coat is from American Richmann Brothers; being from a department store rather than custom made or bespoke makes dating the jacket more complicated. But the cut of the jacket matches other 1930s jackets I have, the waist coat is really cut for a high waist which also indicates 1930s-1950s and the navy eagle of the NRA label,which was used in America from 1933 until declared unconstitutional in 1935 also dates the attire to the 1930s. 

National Recovery Administration (NRA) was one the initiatives from F.D. Roosevelt's New Deal which should bring America back on the track. NRA was making directives for minimum wages and other initiatives to protect the workers from "unhealthy" competition in various industries.

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