22 Jun 2014

Argyle socks from Burlington

I bought new Argyle cotton socks from British Burlington because I love wearing breeches and plusfours, but my woolen shooting socks are too warm for the summer. 
And because I intend to take on Golfing- a sport where Argyle socks seems to be quite appropriate.

Not many suppliers provide knee lenght socks in a proper quality, but Burlington does. I went for the "Horse riding" variant with a plus sole and reinforced ancles. The socks are a tad thicker; making them suitable for wearing with breeches - compared to the normal, thin OTC socks for long trousers.

I bought a pair in taupe and a pair in brown hues. The Burlington "Hackney" from Sockshop UK

Off to the golf course

The Burlington Badge

Lovely Argyle patterns

1930s plusfours and Argyle socks


  1. Greetings from Downunder (Melbourne),
    I've just discovered your blog and your personal style is a breath of fresh air and shows you're a man of impeccable taste. The sartorial level of the typical Aussie gent is lower than that of Bulgarian pimp, however, there are a few who try and blaze our own trails. I like the photo of you wearing a homburg. Harrison Ford sported one in "Sabrina' and Will Boehlke from A Suitable Wardrobe also loves them but I would not have the courage to try it here. All the best and I look forward to seeing more of your wardrobe.
    Ian Guild

    1. Dear Sir, thank you for your considerate words; Good to learn about kindred spirits in the antipoles.
      Regarding hats it takes a leap the first times you step out in Fedora or Homburg, but I have become very fond of both. When the attire matches the hat-wearing comes more natural; and much appreciated by fellow-beings, is my experience.
      All the best to you, too! Thanks for noticing my attire chronicles...