16 Jun 2014

Morning Suit at a child christening party

This weekend my family and I attended a child christening at some friends of ours at the Isle of Bornholm. The weather was perfect for a summer party; 20 degrees Celcius and a deep blue sky with a few fluffy cumulus clouds.
I wore my Morning suit which I find appropriate for the occation - and the settings; Christening at Sct. Nicolai church in Rønne and afterwards the party at the officer's mess hall at the local military barracks. Party started 11 AM  and ended between 4-5 PM.

Vintage 1930s morning coat, vintage Eton Pop Society waist coat, white shirt with a detachable wing collar and a navy dotted silk bowtie. Black Oxford cap toes and a vintage grey Lincoln Bennett & Co. tophat. 

Logistic circumstances resulted in my skipping the boutonnière flower
The Morning Coat back and tails are very becoming for a man (in my opinion).
The little baby girl in question - her name is "Ella"

Sct. Nicolai church in Rønne, Bornholm


  1. Hello Lasse, firstly let me commend you on your style! You and I are kindred spirits I think as I also love classic men's vintage clothing! I wish I had your courage to wear a morning suit to a Christening. I have a wonderful vintage morning suit, but nowhere to wear it. I live in Australia and if you're overdressed some people actually get offended or they make endless comments. If I wore my morning suit to a christening they would make butler jokes all day. Is it like this in Denmark or do people respect that you like to dress well?

    When did you first decide to dress as well as you do? Do people around you just accept it or do they queston it and make stupid comments?

    I really like your blog and your style. Very dapper!

    1. Dear Peter,
      Thank you for your kind words! I started out in style two years ago when I bought my first vintage suit - a lovely navy chalk striped suit. My friends and family, colleagues at work and village neighbours all seemed to be quite appreciative of the vintage gentleman style from the beginning. I have always enjoyed wearing suit and tie, but I am afraid in a poor quality that most often sent me back to jeans and t-shirt - those days are over.
      It has become natural for me to wear suit and tie every day, hats and caps most days and use of accessories like walking sticks or umbrella.
      And wherever I come people seem to respect well-coordinated ensembles; how seldom a sight they are now-a-days. People do not utter stupid remarks whether in Denmark, Arnhem (the Netherlands), London or whatever place I frequent. All I am ever approached with are appreciative remarks.
      Television periodicals like "Downton Abbey" seem to emerge in various forms also in Denmark and many people recognise the historical elements like high waist, hats etc.
      It is not often I see fit to dress in a morning suit, but it seems natural to me and others that since I got married dressed in a morning suit two years ago this is my official suit for Christenings and Daytime Weddings; I am still looking forward to my first appearance at Ascot Racecourse.
      I can only urge you to dress in style whenever possible; and the Morning suit will become a more natural choice. And act Gentlemanly - people respect your choice of attire if they sense that you are not dressing to be snobbish.
      You might also want to read the interview I gave to Norton of Morton:

      And remember the words of Oscar Wilde: you can never be overdressed or overeducated.

      Kind regards.