30 Jul 2014

Green shoes from Magnanni

I have never had a pair of green shoes before and it is not my first choice for most occasions, but I fell for these beautifully crafted Magnannis. And having more shoes in my collection than I can use during a week I find it justified to obtain a specialty pair in the omnibus.
They just arrived by mail and I am trying them for the first time while having a restorative snifter after work.
My first ideas are to match the shoes with my vintage navy chalkstripe suit or with a greyish suit like this or the tan gabardine suit.
To find a matching pair of gloves I might opt for grey unlined leather.

Reclined posture in the withdrawing room

I think that the Bologna construction used by Magnanni is both making the shoes admirably slim and durable. The finish is quite good and details like burnishing and perforations are well done.
Like always a new pair of shoes needs breaking in and a dozen layers of polish before looking really good.

Traditional hidden channelled stiching and skillfully bevelled soles. 

Enjoying a restorative snifter after work

Green shoes matched with wine OTC socks and a charcoal suit

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