11 Jul 2014

Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

I feel very dapper when I have the opportunity to wear a double cuffed shirt with cufflinks. Opportunity is quite often, but mainly with business suits and formal/semi-formal attire.
My collection consists of just two pairs of cufflinks; both of Mother of Pearl.
I find the two pairs quite sufficient; surprisingly when considering my ever growing "need" for new jackets, shirts etc.

The first pair is a very plain design of rather large MOP buttons and steel bars for links. Design by Udeshi and acquired at Exquisite Trimmings, London.
The buttons are approx. 15 mm in diameter and 3 mm (!) thick. The bar and hinges are of a total of 18 mm long.
The design is quite versatile, but some buttonholes might have trouble to pass the large buttons.
MOP cufflinks from Udeshi
The second pair is lovely set of vintage 1930s art deco cufflinks in imitated gold with MOP I acquired at Mr. Wickstead's small Etsy store. They have a wonderful feature of expanding-retractable chains; making us without a valet (a gentleman's gentleman, a butler) able to attach the cufflinks properly to the shirt prior to dressing.

A pair of 1930s art deco cufflinks. MOP and d'Or faux.
Expanding-retractable chains, patented. Diameter 13 mm.
Double cuffed shirts from Swedish Stenström's.
The vintage cufflinks just noticeable below the lovely cuffs of my evening tails jacket.
If I had cufflinks which had been in my family for years or specially made for me in pure gold and silver I would most likely use such jewellery. HRH Prince Charles for example have some nice golden cufflinks.

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