18 Aug 2014

Attire for the racecourse - and the new Chepstow from Christys

I have actually at present never been at a racecourse, but much inspired by the colourful pictures from events like Ascot, Derby, and the lovely descriptions of Drones visiting various racecourses in P.G. Wodehouse's novels I bought tickets for the Trotting Masters Final in Charlottenlund Racecourse; north of Copenhagen, Sunday 14th of September.
I am looking very much forward to unequivalent excitement, dashing horses and cheering crowds.

At the racecourse I suggest one should wear proper attire for a bit of everything; like slight rain, some amounts of dust and wind, cold weather, sun and the like...

I therefore expect to be wearing my vintage 1973 thornproof tweed suit, co-respondent shoes and my new hat from Christys hats: "the Chepstow" - named after the thoroughbred Welsh racecourse in Monmouthshire. I opted for a grey wool felt hat; already having black and brown hats in my stables.
I had, though, initial doubts if I should go to the expense of a fur felt version of the hat, but chose to start with the affordable wool felt.
As savings grow I can replace my wool felt fedoras and trilbys; that said: I find them very good looking (especially at a distance) and comfortable.

I had some photos taken of the most likely attire I will bring for my day at the racecourse:

Thornproof tweed in grey/green hues, white shirt (double cuff, detachable double round collar), Cheaney "Edwin" co-respondent shoes and a vintage set of binoculars

I should most likely also bring my Barbour if rain prevails

The Chepstow in light grey wool felt - available e.g. at the Dapper Gentleman outfitter Fogeyunlimited.co.uk

I have also collected a few pins at Pinterest to inspire for Gentlemanly attire at the racecourses

Gentleman at the racecourse
and of course last but not least the dashing Bertie Wooster enjoying a splendid day at the races

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