17 Sep 2014

Copenhagen Tweed Ride 2014

This weekend I attended the Copenhagen Tweed Ride; a very warm-hearted event with a few but dedicated and generous people. We were 60 some souls participating in the cycling trough the central historical Copenhagen; even passing by the Royal Palace, Amalienborg.
It is a true joy to see so many well dressed people in tweed!

All of us together outside of the National Gallery of Denmark (built 1889-1896)

Passing by the Royal Palace, photo by Emile Vinge
Cycling through the streets of Copenhagen, photo by Janek Mastek

I noticed many inspirational details - sartorial whatnots and accessories. Below are a few examples.

Tweed jacket made by his Grandfather for his Uncle, photo by Emile Vinge

Love Maja's red tweed suit; and the "belted" back of his suit, photo by Emile Vinge

Really love Jimmy's vintage veterinarian guncheck tweed suit, photo by Lars Winther

In regards to the means of transportion nobody could match Søren's beautiful Pashley Parabike

Prizes for best dressed man and woman, best haircut or hat for women and best moustache or beard for men were awarded to the tickled pink tweed riders.

The gentleman with the straw boater won the "Best Dressed Gentleman" award

More pictures can be found on social medias #cphtweed14

Talking to Maja at the pub, photo by Emile Vinge

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