10 Sep 2014

The Norfolk Jacket

Recently I acquired a beautiful Norfolk Jacket from Malford of London. As Autumn is getting closer and Copenhagen Tweed Ride coming up next weekend I will soon have an opportunity to wear this lovely garment.
The Norfolk jacket's origin dates back to the mid 19th century, but exactly where and why is apparently uncertain; either the 15th Duke of Norfolk or the Earl of Leicester - both with huge estates in the county of Norfolk - is tributed the invention of the box-pleated, belted jacket.
The jacket is very versatile and a wardrobe staple for well dressed gentlemen. Designed for various country pursuits like shooting, walking and bicycling.

My Norfolk jacket is made in Italy by Ralph Lauren company DoubleR. A three/roll four button construction; single long vent.
I have seen many interpretations of the Norfolk, but I really love this design which resembles early 1920s cuts; I am not so fond of the more generously cut 1950s version or the 1970s conventionalised and in my opinon dull interpretation.
The quality and the finish is quite good; and I am rather pleased with the narrow fit. It will surely not be the last time that I look for jackets from DoubleR company.
The tweed fabric is very soft and the colours are beautiful in reddish brown and orange hues. All buttons are of braided thick cut leather.

I had an inner chest pocket altered into an outer chest vertical slit pocket; The Norfolk being belted and high cut is meant to be closed, so in order to have access to more pockets while in the outdoor vertical chest pockets are required.

The pocket watch slides perfectly into the chest pocket
I also added a horn button on the back of the right lapel so I can close the jacket with the storm collar.
Closed storm collar
If you study the pictures I have pinned at Pinterest you will see more examples of these chest pockets; e.g. at the jacket worn by HRH Prince Philip.

HRH Prince Philip wearing a Norfolk suit


  1. Hello Lasse,
    What a terrific jacket. I love the brownish hue of the tweed. Another great look. All the very best.

    1. Hello Ian, thank you very much! I am really happy with this jacket; stood it's distance at the Copenhagen Tweed Ride on quite a rainy day. All the best back to you Downunder.