26 Oct 2014

Khakee service dress uniform trousers, WW2

One of my latest sartorial acquiries is a lovely vintage tailored pair of full cut khakee service dress uniform trousers; made for a Lieutenant Curtis.
Ideal for off duty pursuits; matched with a sweater or a sports coat.
They are really well made;high waisted and beautifully swung hems.
Such trousers are quite affordable and a good alternative to cavalery twill or corderoy. These trousers are from gentleman outfitter Hogspear; acquired at a mere price of £10.

Beautifully cut hems

The khakee trousers matches the Fair Isle sweater and paisley cravat

High waist

Very comfortable high back

Lt. Curtis

Service dress uniform in action. HK army

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  1. Military personal are not only dedicated to our country, they are very deeply dedicated to their particular branch of service too, be it Army, Navy etc.