19 Oct 2014

Sunday brunch at 'Varna' mansion; Morning Stroller Suit.

My wife and I had our Sunday brunch at the 'Varna' mansion in the outskirts of Aarhus; next to the beach and the woods.
The old mansion was build in 1909 and has ever since been a popular place to visit on Sundays; combining a walk in the forest and a stroll at the beach with coffee and nourishments at the restaurant.
Before the war steam boats sailed alongside the coastline and also docked here.
The name 'Varna' is believed to come from the former proprietor of the lands: Baron Christian A. Gersdorff. Varna is Bulgarian for "Beautiful view" which is quite appropriate for this place. Baron Gersdorff served in the Tsar's Black Sea fleet and thus frequented the Bulgarian port 'Varna'.

I wore my vintage 1935 Morning Stroller suit with the 1920s Eton pop society  waistcoat.

We enjoyed a magnificent brunch and a grand view of the sea
The weather forecasts turned out wrong in our favour; a break in the pouring rain allowed us to have a stroll to the nearby beach.

For the stroll I added the Homburg, chamois gloves and spats

'The old man and the Sea'

The forest displayed some beautiful Autumn colours

My lovely wife

Old time 'Varna'

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