1 Nov 2014

New supplies from Mes Chausettes Rouge

It is always a real pleasure to have new supplies of socks delivered from Mes Chausettes Rouge; the small exquisite stockings shop in Rue C├ęsar Franck, 15eme arrondisement in Paris.
The range of over the calf socks includes only exquisite manufacturers like Gamarelli, Bresciani and Mazarin; but the variety in colours, patterns and materials is grand.
I am especially fond of the striped bi-colour socks manufactured by Mazarin or Gallo; they are a splendid match for my city suits with their hues and fine thin quality.

This time I ordered 5 pairs of socks to supplement my wardrobe. two pairs of  striped socks, a pair of  solid wine cotton, a pair dark brown wool and finally a pair of black silk/cashmere evening socks.

Green/black stripes from Gallo. 100% fil d'ecosse. My advice is to opt for one size less than your regular size when choosing Gallo.

The green/black stripes matched with a vintage charcoal city suit and black Oxford captoes.

Navy/brown fil d'ecosse socks from Mazarin

The cashmere/silk blend is very comfortable; the socks will prove their worth when my wife and I attend the Gatsby Ball in Copenhagen next week; I will be wearing my evening tails complemented with these socks. Upon a night of dancing the Charleston we will see the value of the silk/cashmere.

The service is eminent at Mes Chausettes Rouge and they always include a personal salute

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