29 Nov 2014

Plus-fours and Norfolk jacket

A while ago I had a conversation with my FB chum Tormod - who lives in the (Scottish) Hebrides - on the subject of old fashioned attire; we both agreed that the look and feel of wearing plus-fours is quite lovable.
I have been on the lookout for quite some time to find me a pair of plus-fours without much luck;  they are virtually impossible to find in vintage stores. And my budget this year is not for a bespoke solution... not even sure many tailors could help.
However quite recently I had the luck to acquire a pair of vintage plus-fours from the United States; even at such low price to avoid the regular extra VAT and import taxes.
The plus-fours appears to be from the 1950s; tan colour, belt loops, button fly. The fabric is not sturdy but quite soft - so they are not suitable for winter.
Today I matched the plus-fours with brown argyle socks from Burlington, my Norfolk jacket, FairIsle knit and a knitted silk tie from Rubinacci.
The Norfolk matched with plus-fours is a true classic style.

Dressed for a Saturday afternoon walk in the village where I live.

 A small anecdote on plus-fours: when I wore plus-fours at work last week a colleague of mine, Henrik, told me that he had beaten up many kids because of plus-fours back when he went to school. My instant thought was that he would attempt to assault me because I wore plus-fours, but it turned out that the kids he beat up in school had been teasing him because he wore plus-fours. His father was convinced that real boys should wear plus-fours at school.
People seem to have strong reactions on plus-fours; if you wear plus-fours expect many remarks and glances. My colleagues called me "Tintin"; my answer to that is that Tintin did not wear plus-fours, but more likely plus-sixes or plus-eights.

Late afternoon in the study.

As inspiration for endeavours in wearing plus-fours I have gathered some pictures at my Pinterest board

HRH the Prince of Wales


  1. Lovely plus fours!
    They cut the perfect balance between a good drape and not being extremely wide.