10 Dec 2014

Pyjamas and slippers from Pakeman, Catto and Carter

A gentleman should keep a pyjamas, a dressing gown and a pair of slippers in his wardrobe; to stay warm and comfortable mornings and late evenings. I love those weekends where we can stay a tad longer in bed and then rise to a cup of tea and a toast; dressed comfortably in pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers.

From Mrs. Beeton's 1861 Book on Household management: If the footman is required to perform any part of a valet’s duties, he will have to see that the housemaid lights a fire in the dressing-room in due time; that the room is dusted and cleaned; that the washhand-ewer is filled with soft water; and that the bath, whether hot or cold, is ready when required; that towels are at hand; that hair-brushes and combs are properly cleansed, and in their places; that hot water is ready at the hour ordered; the dressing-gown and slippers in their place, the clean linen aired, and the clothes to be worn for the day in their proper places
That is not exactly how my mornings went this weekend, but the shave and bath was followed by a nice cuppa - and me dressed in pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers... I shall not complain!

Puttin' on the slippers
Enjoying a nice cuppa and the view of the sea

My pyjamas is a blue-striped flannels draw-string pyjamas from Pakeman, Catto & Carter. I am quite happy with this comfortable and warm garment.The quality is quite good - mind you though that I have little experience in the pyjamas business.The pants are cut from a square piece of cloth, but is fitted using the drawstring closing. 
Pyjamas comes from the Persian words "Pai" (leg) and "Jamah" (attire) and so refers to light, loose drawstring leg-wear from Asia.

British made flannels. Large Mother-of-pearl-ish buttons

My pyjamas is a size M.; laid flat the trousers are 21½" wide. I am a regular 32"waist . 

Gentlemen in pyjamas and dressing gown - from Jeeves and Wooster TV series (Season 4, Episode 5)

P.G. Wodehouse's fictional character Bertie Wooster is said, in the 1934 "Thank You, Jeeves" to wear heliotrope-coloured pyjamas

My slippers are also from Pakeman, Catto & Carter; handmade in England is stated on the label. A very nice pair of slippers; wine colour. Red quilted lining.They are quite comfortable and warm. 
They come in colours navy, black and wine - I chose the wine hue as I found this the more attractive and matching my dressing gown. Round up a half size...

Quilted lining

Handmade in England

Good morning

A few pics on Pinterest

6 Dec 2014

Weekend at the seaside Strandhotel Glücksburg

This weekend my wife and I stay at the seaside hotel Strandhotel Glücksburg; an event that has become an annual treat. My wife and I fell in love with this amiable hotel when we first time stayed here six years ago. What is not to love about a classic late 19th century house with bright Scandinavian interior, white-painted wooden panels, and tall windows with crossbars?
The staff are truly accommodating and the service is excellent.
The hotel offers a wellness- and spa section and a gourmet restaurant.

My wife, our dog Sally and I in front of the hotel

lovely decor

For the journey and pursuits along the beach and woods I picked a vintage three-piece heavy cheviot tweed suit; a green medallion printed wool tie from Hackett; dark brown double leather soled brogues and a brown Fedora  hat. 
For visiting Flensburg city I brought my vintage 1955 POW glen plaid check flannel suit, black captoe Oxfords; spats and a black Homburg. 
I was quite happy with my choice of attire which suited the weather perfectly - grey sky with slight rain Friday, 4 degrees Celsius, and a sunny Saturday with 5-6 degrees Celsius; no overcoats needed for the day trips as the sturdy fabrics of cheviot tweed and flannel could withstand the elements.

Friday night we had take-away sushi and Asti at the hotel room; the restaurant was closed for a Christmas party.

Evening dress was informal black tie and dinner jacket; I wore a recently acquired vintage 1920s french made spoon front black waist coat with silk covered buttons; and a single Albert with fob

After dinner getting ready to frequent the hotel bar downstairs for a restorative G&T...

Enjoying the beautiful view over Flensburg fjord in my pyjamas and dressing gown

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