23 Jan 2015

A week at the office

Judging from my recent posts one could be lead to believe that I spend most of my time walking in the country side in tweed, shooting socks and a flat cap; and I must admit that many of my favourite garments are country attire. 
Once in a while it could be nice to be able to quote the inimitable Jeeves:
"I hesitate to contradict you Mr Spode but the working masses and I have barely a nodding acquaintance. Good afternoon."
But I am of the working masses and I do have a full-time job to attend to; Monday to Friday.

At the office I am fortunately not restricted by a particular dress code; one could dress in jeans and t-shirt, navy business suits or tweed - no restrictions except for shorts.
I do not dress like most men in the company: e.g. nobody else wear ties and only a few wear a suit.
At the office I mainly wear vintage lounge or business suits, but also odd jackets and flannel trousers. Occasionally - mostly Fridays - I wear tweed.
Every day at the office I wear a tie or a bow tie; a pocket square; and over-the-calf socks.

This week I set out to take a few photos every day during business hours to illustrate the variety of and the possibilities in the office attire.
Below are a few samples. Here is a link to the album...

Tuesday: Vintage 1960s SB, two-piece, navy, chalkstripe suit. Shantung silk tie from Drakes London

Monday: Green brogues from Magnanni; Wine fil d'Ecosse socks from Mazarin

Wednesday: 1955 vintage POW check, three-piece flannel suit. Paisley bow tie from Drakes London
Friday: Vintage 1932 Sports Jacket; 1920s Eton pop society waist coat; white shirt with detachable double round collar from Darcy Clothing; and a vintage silk cream dotted bow tie.

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