3 Jan 2015

Riding boots; a walk in the woods and meadows

Maybe it is a faux-pas, but I could not resist to acquire a pair of vintage gentleman's hunting riding boots even though I do not hunt or master the art of horse-riding. I simply love the the look of riding breeches and tall boots; I have ever since I was a young boy admiring the cavalery uniforms of Napoleon's and the Duke of Wellington's armies.
I am not into the stylized look of skinny catwalk models from e.g. Ralph Lauren wearing riding boots - it seems like a sheer ostentatious act. But the riding boots used in terrain where one otherwise would have chosen a pair of Wellingtons or for a match of Bike Polo paired with a proper pair of gentleman's breeches I believe it makes reason.

Today the usual party went for a walk in the forest and meadows next to the largest creek in Denmark.The terrain is quite muddy and several paths have been flooded this time of the year. The temperature is warm for a January day - 5-6 degrees Celsius; During midday and early afternoon mainly blue sky with altocumuli.
Considering the grounds and the weather conditions I chose to wear a vintage Scottish Kilt Jacket, a houndstooth check hunting waistcoat, a pair of heavy twill riding breeches and riding boots.

Vintage riding hunting boots from Gentleman Outfitter Hogspear. I love the mahogany leather top of the boots. As I did with my military boots when I was enlisted I make sure that the riding boots are properly greased to ensure that they are waterproof.

Watching my steps in the flooded meadow

Appropriate attire for the surroundings

The old preserved oak woods is during most of the year inhabited by hoofed creatures; cows.

A view over the flooded lowland and the creek
I have always liked the look of riding boots in the hallway

Nailed heels on the boots

The mahogany topped boots matches the hues of the fox

HRH Prince Philip wearing a pair of riding boots playing bike polo 

I have pinned a few photos of Gentleman's riding breeches and boots at Pinterest

Chester Morris by Otto Dyar


  1. I really enjoyed this post Mr. Hedensted as my Father was a cobbler / boot maker. As a child I spent many hours in his workroom watching him construct and repair all types of footwear ! Thank you.

    1. That must be good memories! I have always admired people who are great craftsmen and put a pride in quality.

  2. Lovely riding boots. The brown uppers make them look much more civilized, as opposed to the all black ones that can lead ones thoughts unto fascism.

    1. Thank you. I deliberately looked solely for mahogany topped riding boots.