1 Jan 2015

The Ash Knob Walking Stick

A dear companion for my walks is the ash knob walking stick; a lovely silver-grey stick with a comfortable polished knob.
The ash knob stick is a traditional walking stick that has been grown and used in Britain for centuries. Produced using the coppicing method these sticks are formed from the shoot that grows when the upper part of a young ash tree is removed.
My ash knob stick is grown in the woodlands of Somerset, England by Classic Canes Co.

Today - the last day of the year - my spouse and my dog accompanied me for a walk along the creek "GudenÃ¥". I was wearing my vintage 1970 POW glen check shooting suit and Tricker's boots
The shooting suit matches the hues of the trees and grounds beautifully; if I may say so.

A short rest during the walk; enjoying the view over the "Gudenå" lowland

The wooden stick is quite lovely; It is alive, responding to the weather and the grounds. The bark shines and sort of changes when in use.
I lost the metal ferule in muddy terrain today; obviously it was not properly attached to the stick. I will need get a new ferule and this time secure it properly. I might opt for making a brass ferule myself and attach it with a brass nail.
In the terrains visited today the wooden stick comes in handy; for measuring depths of pools of water; estimating the nature of the mud; a brilliant support up and down the hills and a precaution to protect the small canine companion from attacks of larger beasts.


I decorated my walking stick with my personal arms. The twin cross forming an "H" is the family insigne.

The coppicing circle

I have inherited my grandfather's old walking stick; unfortunately it is too short for me. 
He brought it with him on the many trips he and my grandmother took around Europe. And as tradition tells he attached small pewter emblems from the places they visited onto the wooden stick. 
I am truly grateful for grandmother Ingrid passing this memory onto me.

Pewter emblems from Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Norway, Germany etc.

My grandfather's old walking stick

Old timer wooden stick